Trace element atmospheric deposition and trends in Venice Lagoon (Italy)


  • Massimo Berti Thetis spa, Venezia (Italy)
  • Sebastiano Bertini Thetis spa, Venezia (Italy)
  • Andrea Berton Thetis spa, Venezia (Italy)
  • Claudio Carrer Thetis spa, Venezia (Italy)
  • Francesco Sorrentino Ufficio Antinquinamento - Provveditorato Interregionale Opere Pubbliche, Venezia (Italy)



Atmospheric deposition data on trace elements from ten bulk sampler stations in the Venice Lagoon, covering a period spanning from 2007 to 2017, are presented and discussed. Results have been statistically analysed and used to estimate fall-out loads on the Lagoon. The Venice Lagoon is not only exposed to long-range transport of contaminants but it is also affected by local urban and industrial emissions. A sharp drop off of the Cd load since 2011 has been observed tied up with decreasing flux recorded at the station in the nearby glass-making district, where decreasing trends have also been detected for other elements. Decreasing long-term trends have been observed for Ni and Sb loads while Zn load has shown a small increase.





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Berti, M., Sebastiano Bertini, Andrea Berton, Claudio Carrer, & Sorrentino, F. . (2021). Trace element atmospheric deposition and trends in Venice Lagoon (Italy). EQA - International Journal of Environmental Quality, 44, 18–25.