Comparison of Kinetics of Cr (III) Ions Removal from Wastewater Using Raw and Activated Montmorillonite Minerals




activated adsorbent, adsorption, Chrome removal, heavy metal removal


In this study, kinetics of the removal of Cr (III) from the waters by adsorption have been investigated using montmorillonite natural clay that was obtained from the vicinity of Narman, Erzurum in Turkey. Activation energy, thermodynamic values and adsorption kinetics were determined. In addition, the trials were repeated by subjecting to the same adsorbent activation process. The values ​​found for these two adsorbents were compared. As a result of the experiments, the parameters affecting the adsorption kinetics were examined. It was determined that the adsorption process could be best depicted by pseudo second order reaction kinetics. Using pseudo second order reaction rate constants, ΔH° = -25.791 kJ mol-1 and ΔS° = 106.19 joule mol-1 were calculated for raw adsorbent. For the activated adsorbent, ΔH° = -18,806 kJ mol-1 and ΔS° = 79.37 joule mol-1 were calculated. That ΔG° increases as temperature increases indicates; adsorption is more spontaneous at high temperatures. Negative ΔH° values show that the reaction is exothermic. The positive values of ΔS° indicate increased randomness at the adsorbent/solution interface during the adsorption of chrome.


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