Daniele Accornero, Emanuela Manzino, Ferruccio Pittaluga


Still today, the issue of safely and efficiently avoiding the atmospheric release of the nano-particles produced by combustion and incineration processes is a critical and open challenge. This study addresses the conception, the technological realization and the first experimental testing of a new device suitable for in-duct filtration and separation of nano particles dispersed into flue-gas streams. The active filtering material is a membrane made from ptfe foil, in origin impermeable but suitable to allow creation, once properly stretched, of an inner texture of permeable micro- and nano-tubes, thus inducing activation of van der Waals effects to the advantage of improved particles’ sticking. The experimental tests confirm attainment of a remarkable filtration capacity, way better than the so-called ‘absolute filters’. Moreover, the filtration material allows to undergo a simple and safe “regeneration cleaning”  process by which the particles can be re-collected off-duct without any filter dismantling.


nano particles in gas flows; membrane filter; nano particles separation; Ptfe membrane

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2281-4485/3784


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