Silvia Ferrari, Vanes Poluzzi, Giovanni Bonafè, Annamaria Colacci, Stefano Zauli, Andrea Ranzi, Fabiana Scotto


The project is focused on a detailed study of some chemical, physical and toxicological parameters and on health, epidemiological and environmental assessment by interpretative models, in the atmosphere of Emilia-Romagna (Italy). The project rises from the necessity to improve  knowledge about environmental and health aspects of fine and ultrafine particles, in primary and secondary components, in the atmosphere. The project, structured in 7 workpackages, is organized in two measurement programmes: the routine one that has a mainly daily time resolution, and the intensive one with high time resolution and a higher chemical speciation than the routine one. The sampling sites are five: three in urban areas (Bologna, Parma and Rimini), one in a rural area (San Pietro Capofiume) and one in a remote area (Monte Cimone). Parallel to outdoor studies, a workpackage  is planned for indoor studies and chemical composition analysis with the  outdoor/indoor ratio for characterizing indoor human exposure to outdoor pollution.


fine particles chemical speciation; nanoparticles size distribution; air quality models;, toxicological and epidemiological studies

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2281-4485/3792


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