Francesca Castorina, Umberto Masi, Marco D'Antona, Livia Vittori Antisari, Serena Carbone, Gilmo Vianello


Sr/Ca ratios, and Sr and Nd isotopes, were determined in aqua regia extracts from three urban and agricultural soils from Ravenna. Sr/Ca ratios suggested preferential retention of Sr in the agricultural soils during the weathering of bedrock minerals. Despite of the different land use, the three soils displayed similar isotopic ranges, suggesting common sources for the two elements, likely represented by old marine carbonates and crustal silicates. The Nd isotopes of the urban park topsoil suggest some contamination by the soot of car exhausts.


Sr-Nd isotopes; soils; Ravenna; aqua regia; Sr-Nd source; pollution

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2281-4485/3795


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