• Valerio Marroni Sezione Provinciale di Bologna, Distretto di Imola, - Arpa Emilia Romagna, Bologna
  • Alice Dall'Ara Unità Tecnica Tecnologie Dei Materiali Faenza - ENEA, Faenza
  • Federica Ferri Comune di Imola, Imola
  • Serena Lanzarini Azienda USL, Imola



methane, explosion, environmental restoration, paper sludge, tailored compost


An innovative bioremediation technology and strategy were applied to a former-quarry area in Imola (BO – Italy) concerned by an incorrect environmental restoration of paper sludge, with subsequent uncontrolled biogas production and migration to the adjacent area. An Emergency Plan was implemented by the isolation of the buried sludge area and a characterization project was performed to define an appropriate permanently safe recovery. An innovative biological in situ treatment, avoiding paper sludge removal, was adopted; it was based on the use of tailored compost and enzymes to reduce methane production and concentration. This was integrated by specific monitoring piezometers for both biogas (CH4, CO2) and oxygen monthly measurements, and also the application of a respirometric technique application to buried sludge for assessing its stabilisation under aerobic and anaerobic conditions. This communication describes the strategy used, the treatment and monitoring system and the results of 3 years field pilot application. Monitoring work is still in progress.


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Marroni, V., Dall’Ara, A., Ferri, F., & Lanzarini, S. (2010). INNOVATIVE REMEDIATION AND MONITORING SYSTEM INSIDE AN AREA USED FOR PAPER SLUDGE RECOVERY. EQA - International Journal of Environmental Quality, 5(5), 43–52.