Geanina Bireescu, Neculai Munteanu, Vasile Stoleru, Liliana Avasilcăi, Lazăr Bireescu


Deterioration of soil health due to the current intensive agricultural practices for increasing the level of food production, in terms of both quality and quantity, should be a concern of major interest to the health of plants, animals, humans and environment. Soil health is the net result of the processes of preservation and degradation, depending on the biological component of soil ecosystem that affects plant and environmental health, food safety and quality. This research aimed to assess the main physical, chemical and biological indicators of soil health and the indicators of soil residual pollution in the intensive olericultural systems in transition to organic systems for ensuring a sustainable management. Our research was carried out in conventional olecultural systems of North-Eastern Romania in conversion to organic systems.The conversion intoorganic systems has reduced the effects of intensive practices, creating the premises for an optimal biological activity and production of healthier vegetables.


olericultural systems; anthropogenic impact; Health Soil Card

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