Soil hydromorphism in two saline and brackish system: classification, indicators and pedogenetic processes

Chiara Ferronato, Marco Contin, Maria De Nobili, Gloria Falsone, Elisa Pellegrini, Gilmo Vianello, Livia Vittori Antisari


The introduction of the “subaqueous soils” into the international classification system of the Soil Taxonomy (2010) gives a possibility to soil scientists to use the pedogenetic approach to investigate coastal soils in view of resource protection and valorization. Coastal areas, in fact, are complex and fragile ecosystems whose ecological value is worldwide recognized, but generally highly inhabited and affected by different erosion and pollution phenomena, and flooding problems. The soil science has a great opportunity to contribute to the correct management and protection of coastal soils, by recognizing the value of coastal soils and thus investigating the effect of the water table oscillation and ionic composition to the changes of soil properties and functionality. This work represent a first attempt to describe the soil continuum existing from hydromorphic to subaqueous environment, highlighting the evidence of some pedogenetic processes into subaquatic substrates and demonstrating the high ecological values of these pedons.


subaqueous soils; saline and brackish system; Soil Taxonomy; coastal areas; Grado and Marano lagoon

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2281-4485/5803


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