Wastewater assessment in Galatz city during 2015-2016





monitoring, wastewater, physical parameters, chemical parameters, allowable values, quality indicators


Due to the industrialization and urbanization a great quantity of wastewater is produced every day. It is important to monitor the wastewater quality and to determine if it is safe to discharge it in to the environment.

In this study, wastewater quality in Galatz city, from Romania, was evaluated. The wastewater generally comes from domestic activities and from industry. We were monitored wastewater which enters in the treatment station of the city.

In order to monitor the wastewater quality, some physical and chemical parameters were determined according to standard methods. The analyzed chemical parameters were: ammonium (mg/l), total nitrogen (mg/l), sulphides and hydrogen sulphide (mg/l), total phosphorus, total dispersed solids (TDS), total solids in suspension (TSS)(mg/l), chemical oxygen demand (COD)(mg O2/l) and pH.  As physical parameters was studied only conductivity. These data were collected during February 2015–February 2016. The physico-chemical parameters were determinated each month during this period.


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